Introducing Your Kids To Junior Golf

One of the most exciting games played by many, is golf. There are an endless number of people from all walks of life, that enjoy playing golf. But golf is not just for adults, there are also a number of kids that enjoy playing, as well. In fact, many parents overly encourage their children, when it comes to playing golf. But the smarter parent knows that it is best to never be too serious, with regards to pushing their child to excel in golf; that, instead, it is best to just be supportive, and let their child enjoy the great adventure, that is, golf.

Summer might be the perfect time to introduce your kids to junior golf. The weather is much more hospitable, what with lush green grass, and a shinning sun. It only makes sense that you & your children would enjoy doing something exciting outside. There are a numbers of summer activities that you could enjoy along with your kids, and golf can be coupled with other fun-in-the-sun activities to further lighten the mood.

There are overzealous parents that desperately want their kid to be the next Tiger Woods. But the financial costs required to raise a champion are, oftentimes, quite high. If you made this mistake and are financially overwhelmed with debt, may be able to help you.

Once you introduce your kids to golf,  it’s not a requirement to go to a golf course & spend a lot of money, to start playing. There are other ways to get your kids started in golf. Many consider the best way to initially introduce golf to their kids, is to take them to a driving range, and let them swing away. Children are considered great imitators, wherein, by observing, they might already have great motion in their swing. At this moment, the real instruction that is needed, 13would be placing their hands (next to one another) on the handle of the golf club, and point them in the right direction. It is also important that the kid practice putting the golf ball up on to the tee.

Once they are already hitting the balls, let the attention span rule. Once the kids become more interested, in terms of playing the game, let them explore – let them go at it and let them have fun. It is actually not needed that you be too serious on instructing them with things you feel you should have learned at an early age. Let these kids have fun first and continue playing golf based on how they think it is played. Formal instruction could start if the kids gets schooling. They might have the attention span (and the cognitive skills) needed to benefit from golf lessons. One of the main focuses of initial instruction would be learning the proper grip. And also, learning to correctly place the hands on the golf club, giving the kids a great jump on being a good golfer, in the near future.

Also, it should be noted that hobbies involving kids and financial matters, must be planned realistically. Your child may have a knack for golf, but needlessly shelling out several thousands of dollars (for lessons, equipment and tournaments) can be extremely harmful to your wallet. If you’re burdened with this financial problem – can teach you how to take stock & get out of debt.

Along with the idea of introducing your kids to junior golf, there are a number of benefits that should be mentioned. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • The kids can fall in love with golf at an early age. You just have to let them succeed, fail and learn at their own pace; this will also keep them involved in the great activity to help them further grow their interest in the game.
  • They could already develop a solid swing, which will benefit them through the rest of their time, playing golf. If they learn proper fundamentals early, it would help them avoid certain struggles with swing mechanics, later on. A sound swing could become ingrained in their subconscious, resulting in consistent ball striking. And this would also increase the focus on to their short game and the mental side of the golf game.
  • One of the hardest things a child might learn from this game, is patience. Right from beginning, this virtue can be instilled in a young child, and can serve your child in an untold number of way, throughout his/her life. They will develop confidence throughout this process. There are a number of other positive traits that will be developed, once a kid is introduced to golf, as early as possible.

Those are just some of the benefits a child can acquire, once you considered introducing them to golf. If you consider doing this, your child would be far better equipped to excel in the game, than someone who has learned the game later in life.

Remember, if you’re not careful, expensive golf lessons can leave you financially over extended. Keep your spending reasonable, and use common sense. Go to to learn how to become organized & keep track of large amounts of debt.

For parents, introducing kids to golf could also be a difficult task. It also takes a lot of effort, time and motivation just to get them to enjoy the game or learn something. However, they should show support for their kids, making them more motivated to continue learning. With a little encouragement, kids can definitely enjoy playing golf, and will continue to do so, as time progresses.